“3 years and we are very happy”

We have been using their service for almost 3 years and are very happy. They are very flexible with are schedule and last minute requests and are good in following up after every clean. We recommend their service to anyone who is looking for a reliable house cleaning service.

I had heard about the service through a friend who is with them for 3 years and is very happy. I called and booked the cleaning and a team of 2 cleaners showed up as promised by them. While cleaning, I noticed that they even took the time out to clean ALL little areas (each shelf, baseboards and walls). The following day someone called me to follow up and I booked regular bi-weekly service with her on the spot.

John Fergunson
Very Happy Laura’s Cleaning Customer
Vienna Va

“They do a great job!”

We’ve been using Laura’s Cleaning for about a year and they do a great job they.  You’ll be assigned to a team, so that the same team cleans your home each time.

They also have a great policy that if anything isn’t cleaned to your liking, just call within 24 hours and they’ll reclean whatever wasn’t done properly, free of charge.  I did that one time when a new team member dropped the ball.  But things like that happen occasionally with any cleaning service and the important thing is how professionally the management handled it.

Scheduling is very easy.  Each team has at least one member who speaks fluent English so it’s easy to give them any special instructions when they arrive.

This is also a locally owned family business that is involved with the community .

Sean Phlilipone.
Ashburn Va.

“Everything was done perfectly”

I just wanted to send a note – which I had intended to do last Monday eve but time just got away from me!! My husband and I wanted to send a special thank you for the excellent cleaning service (always) but ESPECIALLY this past time. The house was so spotless. Everything was done perfectly. We were extrememly happy! Thank you to the team for doing such a wonderful job.

Kind Regards,
Amy Alleva

“My house was sparkling!‎”

I am very hesitant to say anything negative about me (who is not tho?), but i loathe scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, etc. this doesn’t mean things in my house are not clean and organized…i just don’t want to clean and organize them myself. someone taught me there’s a solution for every problem, and for my problem, i found a perfect solution; a maid service (genius!!!). so i called around and booked laura’s cleaning service. 8 am on Friday morning (exact time they promised), two ladies showed up with their gadgets and started doing all the things i loathe. 3 hours later, i was happy to walk around the house without slippers. ps i don’t understand why the cleaning service ppl are not consistent. when they first start, they do a great job. but three months later, it’s just not as dust-free and spotless as before. why, why, why??? do they think i won’t notice the dust under my tv and bed?

Beth Williams‎